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Here are a few commercial and domestic cleaning tips on how to help your cleaning business thrive.


1. Have a plan

Have a system or plan, when it comes to cleaning a home, factory, school or office space it is very easy for your cleaning staff to miss areas or tasks. Having a check list means you will be able to work out high priority task and work through each task methodically.  

2. Bins

Clients bins need to be emptied regularly, when this doesn’t happen things build up creating a smelly working environment. Some clients may need to empty their own bins before your visit, having a spare roll of rubbish bin bags inside the bin or near can help clients at ease which in turn helps you from turning up to an overflowing bin.

3. Phones          

Clean office phones frequently and easily by using our disinfectant wipes. Be sure to get into hard to reach areas like the dial pad!

4. Fridge

You probably keep your refrigerator at home clean, but the staff room refrigerator may be a problem because it’s typically a shared responsibility. Speak to your client about finding a regular time when it okay to be cleared out and deep cleaned.

5. Carpets

When treating a carpet stain work from the outer edge of the stain moving towards the centre to prevent ring marks

Always blot, do not rub or brush. Continue until all the stain is removed, then brush to re-align fibres. We highly recommend our Prochem products



6. Toilets


A clean toilet is vital in the workforce or domestic home, keeping toilets clean stops illnesses and germs from spreading. When cleaning a commercial client’s premises, this being a school, office or factory etc. a daily clean is important to help prevent germs and bacteria from breeding.


We highly recommend using products from the Evans Vanodine range,  we stock all their range from Everresh Pot Pourri washroom and toilet cleaner to Hi Phos toilet cleaner and descaler in one!

7. Update your cleaning equipment

As an owner of a cleaning business it is vital that the equipment being used by staff is in good condition and working to its best ability. If you are after good results, you should invest in a good quality range of equipment from vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines to mops, buckets and polishers etc. This will make your staffs life easier because using top quality equipment ensures a deep and professional clean whilst promoting a safe working environment for your staff. We also lease some of our cleaning machines too, speak to us for further details.

If you require any help or advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

01638 717798

Solutions Cleaning Supplies is a family run business formed in August 1997 serving local businesses with their janitorial requirements.

Being distributors for major manufacturers of cleaning materials enables Solutions to provide quality products at the right price.

Commerical Cleaning Tips

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