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PALTECH Antibacterial Wipes

PALTECH Antibacterial Wipes

For the removal of grease and dirt form both skin and surfaces. The specially developed formula is kind on skin, containing moisturisers and vitamin E. Also contains a surfactant to help lift dirt.


PALTECH Cleaning and Degreasing

PALTECH Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes

Removing grease as well as dirt from a range of surfaces. Easy to move around the robust bucket contains 200 wipes with an innovative solution. Highly effective against paint, silicone, grease, ink and also grime etc.

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

Designed for cleaning and sanitising hands within work environments. The wipes will kill most micro organisms such as bacteria, yeast and viruses.

For more pricing information or to place an order please call 01638 717798 or email


We supply antibacterial, degreasing and sanitising wipes to Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Businesses, Schools, Care & Residential Homes, NHS, Clinics & Hospitals within Suffolk and Norfolk, reaching a 20 mile radius outside of Mildenhall

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