Solutions Cleaning Supplies is a family run business formed in August 1997 serving local businesses with their janitorial requirements.

Being distributors for major manufacturers of cleaning materials enables Solutions to provide quality products at the right price.

The proprieter, Andrew Neal, worked for fourteen years for a Midlands based company, covering the East Anglian region on their behalf. During this time he became aware of the need local business had for a local source of supply.

With the support of the local business community, Solutions has continued to grow to the point of behind ...

The offer of a warm drink greets every customer before business is discussed and typifies the friendly atmosphere Solutions prides itself on.

The objective of the SOLUTIONS CLEANING SUPPLES Environmental Policy is to operate with the minimum possible impact on the environment. In order to achieve this our policy is to:

 Demonstrate our Senior Management's commitment to the highest environmental safety standards.

 Supply products made from the environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials available.

 Use recyclable materials in packaging where possible and to reuse containers where appropriate.

 Monitor our energy usage for maximum efficiency and provide information to customers on environmental issues.

 Comply with Environmental Legislation and co-operate fully with the authorities.

 Supply products that will have the minimum possible Environmental impact.

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